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KrokoHunters Workbench Posts

Todays Purchase Chapter 4

A week ago, I attended the big hobbyfair Intermodellbau in Dortmünd, Germany. This is what I brought home.

A Styrene/Balsa Chopper


Some Magic Sculpt


Misc. Mr. Hobby products


A 1/700 Prince of Wales (will be used as a donorkit for a StudioScale project)


I had hoped to find more donorkits for a couple of upcoming StudioScale project …. but I didn’t …. so instead I used my remaining money for a kit, that I’ve dreamt about for half a year.

The Hasegawa 1/350 IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi


See how happy (Goofy) I look 😀

All in all, a fantastic and enoyable day in company with a couple of good friends.

Todays Purchase Chapter 3

Ok, ok .. not actually todays purchase, as I received the kit 2 days ago. I simply haven’t had time to post it before now.

This is a grailkit to me …. so I was more than thrilled when I won it at YJA… Even at a super winningbid, which meant, that even with auctionfees, shipping and custom-fees, it ended close to the kits original price.

Which kit is he talking about, you say…..

Musasiya 1/5 Chou’un Shiryuu from the Anime Ikkitousen …



It’s a pretty big box …. and it contains a fair amount of wellcasted pieces…


And lastly 2 pics to illustrate just how freaking huge this kit is ….



If I could only purchase 1 single kit this year, this would be the kit I want … so I’m superthrilled. She’s going to be a killer!

Kröte – Ready for some paint

Not much to tell actually. Tried to finish this for a “Model in a month” campaign, but with 2 days left for the paintjob and weathering, it looks a bit grim. Oh well. I’m attending a modelshow in a week. I’ll see if I can get it ready for that!








Todays Purchase Chapter 2

I’ve been waiting a while for this parcel, but today it finally arrived.

It contained:

  • 1 SF3D AFS Mk1
  • 1 Maschinen Krieger Prowler
  • 1 Model Graphix Maschinen Krieger Special 😀


A special thanks goes to the Danish Custom “Service” for holding on to this parcel for a prolonged amount of time. 😉

My scratchbuilt Archelon is finished

Weeeee, finally. It’s been 1½ years since I last completed a model, but finally, I can once again experience the sweet sensation of “a job well done”.

Well enough said. Let’s see some pictures:



















Well that was it… Glad to have finally finished this one…

… well I’m off to the next project. More Ma.K. to come……………….

Archelon near completion

I’ve gotten a bit further with my scratchbuilt Archelon, although it might not be that clea on the pictures 😀

I’ve done the following:

  • Painting detail
  • A coat of Future
  • Decals
  • Making scratchmarks on the details and decals
  • A coat of matt varnish
  • A coat of dark greyish-blue wash

Here’s some pics:





All that’s left now, is some weathering with pigments and Lifecolor Tensicrome and a base.

Todays purchase. Chapter 1

Today I got a nice parcel. It’s a Maschinen Krieger Fledermaus, which I can finally add to my collection. Can’t wait to build this, because it’s such a cool design.


I traded it for a bit of money plus a SAFS suit, with SMH, a member of the Ma.K.-forum. He also kindly donated me some Raptor-parts for a future conversion-project. Thanks Stefan, it was very kind of you!

Oh well, I’ll better get back to the Archelon. Nearly done!

Where it all happens… or at least ought to!

So, lets get this blog started, and instead of wasting words on introducing myself (you can see the “About Me” page, if you’re just dying to learn more about, who that Kroko-something is), I’ll introduce you to my little sanctuary, the place where I find peace, happiness … oh and the lovely odour of glue and epoxy putty. My very own hobbyroom or workshop, if you prefer that term. I like workshop. Sounds so pro’ish .. Only problem is the lack of actual work there 😀

So let me show you all, what it looks like:

My Workshop 1
My Workshop 1

Some storagespace and finished models

My Workshop 2
My Workshop 2

My workbench and old computer used for references

My Workshop 3
My Workshop 3

Even more storagespace…

My Workshop 4
My Workshop 4

Some of the models I’ve finished. Not many, due to the facts, that I’m slow, and that I’ve had severe buildersblock a couple of times.

My Workshop 5
My Workshop 5

Some of the upcoming projects.

My Workshop 6
My Workshop 6

My recently finished spraybooth.

My Workshop 7
My Workshop 7

One of my Work in Progress’es. A 1/6 resin kit of the lovely Kan’u Unchou from the anime Ikkitousen.

That’s about it, for this post.

The next couple of posts, will be about the projects I’m working on at the moment.

Hello World

Hey there!

Give me a couple of days to setup the layout of this new blog about Japanese garagekits, model building, planning a trip to Wonder Festival 2010 .. and so on! The first entries should be posted this weekend. Stay tuned!