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Category: Random Thoughts

I must have been in Interstellar

Hmmmmmmmmm what the hay happened ….. it feels like it was only an hour ago I wrote about updating this site ….. and now …. 3.5 years passed … and still no updates. Why is this you might think (I know I do)

Well truth is .. that over the summer 2013 I landed my dream job as a LEGO Star Wars Designer .. and that kinda threw off my plans to revive this site …. and well …… 3.5 years later.


But .. I’ll give it a go again …….




I’ll do some reorganising of the categories and a bit of styling .. and then try to catch up with the projects I’ve been working on for the last couple of years ..


Stay Tuned …. (hopefully not 3.5 years this time πŸ˜€ )

Been a while

Hey Guys’n’Gals

I haven’t posted here for a while .. been busy on forums and such instead.

I plan to start a major overhaul and redesign of my blog, both in layout and content.

Stay tuned

Big cleaning day

I see, that my blog is rather Maschinen Krieger heavy .. However, for the last year or so, my focus has moved more and more towards studio scale projects, and more and more away from Ma.K. … Not to say that studio scale is brand new to me.. I’ve been collecting info, references and donorkits for 6 or 7 years .. but I didn’t really build actively until a year ago … and more recently I started a couple of projects a couple of months ago that really did the difference for me.

So I’ve kind of decided, that I want to focus on studio scale projects and garage kits, and have a small selection of Ma.K, Anime figures and 1/350 IJN ships, to use as filler- and/or break-projects.

So I’ve looked through the piles of Ma.K. kits … and decided to sell a bunch of it, to make room (both physically and economically) for the bigger studio scale projects, and the more expensive studio scale garage kits.


So expect to see less Ma.K. and more Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica studio scale projects on this blog!

Todays Purchase Chapter 6

I’m so thrilled .. so excited …. so .. well high as a kite ..

Yesterday I received a new kit ….. a kit, that I’ve been wanting for years, and finally I found it, with a fair pricetag … so voila …. it is mine .. all mine .. MINE .. MINE .. MINE I SAY .. MUAHAHA …

sorry about that πŸ˜‰

The kit is a 1/4 Figurine sculpted by the very famous japanese sculptor Bome. The figure portraits the character Kanu Unchou from the Manga-/Anime-series Ikkitousen.

It’s worth mentioning, that when Bome labels a kit as 1/4 .. it’s actually closer to 1/3,5 .. so I knew, that this baby would be freakin’ huge … oh boy oh boy oh boy πŸ™‚

So here’s the parcel… It measures 30x30x15 cm

I’ve taken some pictures of the parts layout. I’ve put in an old. greasy iPhone for size comparison

Check it out #2

You have to check this blog I just discovered.

Well it’s kind of embarrasing, since I’ve “known” (been on the same GK forum) the owner Johnson Huang aka Serogane for years ..

Oh well .. I’ve read through every single post, and it has given me a ton of new info and tips on GK’s and everything related to buying original GK’s

So check it out… do it .. DO IT NOW πŸ˜€ :

Todays purchase chapter 5

UPDATE 6th of March 2017: I’ve just traded this kit to another gem, that I should receive within a couple of weeks … so stay tuned πŸ˜€



Ok, ok not actually todays purchase, since I received the kit 2 weeks ago… Just been busy.

But here goes:


Biiiiig box …… and it contains only a single model πŸ˜€


Getting more and more exiting

Ok, I’ll better show you the content of the box:


The sodacan wasn’t included πŸ˜€

I just put it there, to give you all an idea of the size of this kit


And voila …. a 1/12 Colonial Viper from the original Battlestar Galactica.

As you can see, my daughter was pretty exited about this kit, and she wanted to help me built it right away … Patince, my young Paddawan, patience πŸ˜€

I’m really thrilled about this kit, beautifully mastered and casted by Mike Salzo … and the shear size of the kit is mindboggling.

I hope to get started on the kit during the winter-period

Todays Purchase Chapter 4

A week ago, I attended the big hobbyfair Intermodellbau in DortmΓΌnd, Germany. This is what I brought home.

A Styrene/Balsa Chopper


Some Magic Sculpt


Misc. Mr. Hobby products


A 1/700 Prince of Wales (will be used as a donorkit for a StudioScale project)


I had hoped to find more donorkits for a couple of upcoming StudioScale project …. but I didn’t …. so instead I used my remaining money for a kit, that I’ve dreamt about for half a year.

The Hasegawa 1/350 IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi


See how happy (Goofy) I look πŸ˜€

All in all, a fantastic and enoyable day in company with a couple of good friends.

Todays Purchase Chapter 3

Ok, ok .. not actually todays purchase, as I received the kit 2 days ago. I simply haven’t had time to post it before now.

This is a grailkit to me …. so I was more than thrilled when I won it at YJA… Even at a super winningbid, which meant, that even with auctionfees, shipping and custom-fees, it ended close to the kits original price.

Which kit is he talking about, you say…..

Musasiya 1/5 Chou’un Shiryuu from the Anime Ikkitousen …



It’s a pretty big box …. and it contains a fair amount of wellcasted pieces…


And lastly 2 pics to illustrate just how freaking huge this kit is ….



If I could only purchase 1 single kit this year, this would be the kit I want … so I’m superthrilled. She’s going to be a killer!

Todays Purchase Chapter 2

I’ve been waiting a while for this parcel, but today it finally arrived.

It contained:

  • 1 SF3D AFS Mk1
  • 1 Maschinen Krieger Prowler
  • 1 Model Graphix Maschinen Krieger Special πŸ˜€


A special thanks goes to the Danish Custom “Service” for holding on to this parcel for a prolonged amount of time. πŸ˜‰

Todays purchase. Chapter 1

Today I got a nice parcel. It’s a Maschinen Krieger Fledermaus, which I can finally add to my collection. Can’t wait to build this, because it’s such a cool design.


I traded it for a bit of money plus a SAFS suit, with SMH, a member of the Ma.K.-forum. He also kindly donated me some Raptor-parts for a future conversion-project. Thanks Stefan, it was very kind of you!

Oh well, I’ll better get back to the Archelon. Nearly done!