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Author: KrokoHunter

Todays Purchase Chapter 6

I’m so thrilled .. so excited …. so .. well high as a kite ..

Yesterday I received a new kit ….. a kit, that I’ve been wanting for years, and finally I found it, with a fair pricetag … so voila …. it is mine .. all mine .. MINE .. MINE .. MINE I SAY .. MUAHAHA …

sorry about that 😉

The kit is a 1/4 Figurine sculpted by the very famous japanese sculptor Bome. The figure portraits the character Kanu Unchou from the Manga-/Anime-series Ikkitousen.

It’s worth mentioning, that when Bome labels a kit as 1/4 .. it’s actually closer to 1/3,5 .. so I knew, that this baby would be freakin’ huge … oh boy oh boy oh boy 🙂

So here’s the parcel… It measures 30x30x15 cm

I’ve taken some pictures of the parts layout. I’ve put in an old. greasy iPhone for size comparison

Check it out #2

You have to check this blog I just discovered.

Well it’s kind of embarrasing, since I’ve “known” (been on the same GK forum) the owner Johnson Huang aka Serogane for years ..

Oh well .. I’ve read through every single post, and it has given me a ton of new info and tips on GK’s and everything related to buying original GK’s

So check it out… do it .. DO IT NOW 😀 :

Studio Scale TIE-Bomber: Current status

2 months ago I finally got back to this project, when I borrowed a small lathe-setup, so I could lathe the circumventing panellines. That let to this:

After this I focused on the “centerpiece” between the two main tubes (also called the “chilidogs”). The part is scratchbuilt and detailed with parts from various 1/700 ship kits, and some 1/72 and 1/35 panzer. It goes without saying, that the parts are identical to the parts on the original filming miniature of the TIE-Bomber.

This and some smaller details end up in the current state:

Since this picture was taken, I’ve actually made new “chilidogs”, since it turned out, that the holes for the cross-tube was actually 1,5mm off center … oh bugger.

At the moment I’m awaiting certain donorkits, to be able to proceed. It has been in the mail for nearly a month now, so I fear that it is lost (not the first time that happens to me .. hmmmmpp )

Studio Scale TIE-Bomber: The beginning

I started this project over a year ago, but due to certain issues the project was put on the backburner fairly quick.

This is how it started:

A big pile of donorparts are PVC-tubes … not all donorparts are present .. some has been added since the picture was taken, and some are still to be purchased.

So this was what the project more or less looked like until 2 months ago….

Fine Molds 1/72 Star Wars Y-Wing

Well, this is an old project. Finished it 3 years ago, but I’ve never really gotten around to taking some proper pictures of it.

Not sure, if we can call the following pictures proper, but they are more or less the best I can do.

The kit is built almost OOB. Only additions are a backwall in the cockpit, some small pieces of liner and styrene for detailing and last but not least 2 new scratchbuilt vectorvanes.

Great little kit. I really enjoyed building it.

Nutrocker with new weathering

Well, it’s not actually a newly completed kit, since I finished it more than 2 years ago. However I recently had to redo the base, since the “earth” had lifted itself from the base.

So as I had to make a new base, and have since found a new and more realistic way to make earth and mud, I decided also to redo the weathering on my Nutrocker, so it blended better with the new base.

So enough said. I give you my Nutrocker V2 😀









Todays purchase chapter 5

UPDATE 6th of March 2017: I’ve just traded this kit to another gem, that I should receive within a couple of weeks … so stay tuned 😀



Ok, ok not actually todays purchase, since I received the kit 2 weeks ago… Just been busy.

But here goes:


Biiiiig box …… and it contains only a single model 😀


Getting more and more exiting

Ok, I’ll better show you the content of the box:


The sodacan wasn’t included 😀

I just put it there, to give you all an idea of the size of this kit


And voila …. a 1/12 Colonial Viper from the original Battlestar Galactica.

As you can see, my daughter was pretty exited about this kit, and she wanted to help me built it right away … Patince, my young Paddawan, patience 😀

I’m really thrilled about this kit, beautifully mastered and casted by Mike Salzo … and the shear size of the kit is mindboggling.

I hope to get started on the kit during the winter-period

The Kröte is finished

Weeeee .. I finally finished the Kröte. All that was left was to make a base, and a bit of weathering.

Not much to tell actually … I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…. I hope they will at least 😀












Close to the end … in a good way, I hope!

I’m getting close to the finishline with my Kröte, but it hasn’t been withouth tears.

I think I’ve broken just about every single possible part on the Kröte .. Even the legs … How fumbly can one guy be. 😀

But I got the legs repaired. However they’ve been glued in a position, which makes the model a bit “back-heavy”, and I fear that will result in another broken leg with time, so at the moment I’m considering either making a base, that tip the model a bit forward, or attack the glued knee-joints with a saw, to fix the posture.

Oh well .. enough whinning … let’s see some pics, of the kit prior to weathering.






I hope the next Kröte-post will be a “It’s finished” and not a “Oh well, I ended up smashing it against the wall” post 😀