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Author: KrokoHunter

Studio Scale TESB Imperial Probe Droid Dispatch Pods – Whatever happened to them :D

Ok .. so trying to catch up a bit, on what I’ve been working on the last couple of years …

Let’s start with the two TESB Dispatch Pods. At the end of 2011 I posted that they where ready for primer … so I hit them with a layer of primer…


Primed TESB Dispatch Pod

Primed TESB Dispatch Pod

Primed TESB Dispatch Pod


and then a bit of preshading … I had some issues with my airbrush at that point, so not the smoothest layer of preshading … but preshading none the less


Preshaded TESB Dispatch Pod

Preshaded TESB Dispatch Pod

Preshaded TESB Dispatch Pod

After that I mixed a color I felt was close to what I could extrapolate from the few reference pics we had, and gave the two pods a layer of base color .. after that it was a matter of painting details and a bit of weathering

TESB Dispatch Pod with basecolor

I was going to a Show with the models, and therefore just made a quick base for them

After that a good buddy of mine, helped making a much nicer display base. And there you have it: My two finished Studio Scale TESB Imperial Probe Droid Dispatch Pods

Finished TESB Dispatch Pod

Finished TESB Dispatch Pod

Finished TESB Dispatch Pod


I must have been in Interstellar

Hmmmmmmmmm what the hay happened ….. it feels like it was only an hour ago I wrote about updating this site ….. and now …. 3.5 years passed … and still no updates. Why is this you might think (I know I do)

Well truth is .. that over the summer 2013 I landed my dream job as a LEGO Star Wars Designer .. and that kinda threw off my plans to revive this site …. and well …… 3.5 years later.


But .. I’ll give it a go again …….




I’ll do some reorganising of the categories and a bit of styling .. and then try to catch up with the projects I’ve been working on for the last couple of years ..


Stay Tuned …. (hopefully not 3.5 years this time 😀 )

Been a while

Hey Guys’n’Gals

I haven’t posted here for a while .. been busy on forums and such instead.

I plan to start a major overhaul and redesign of my blog, both in layout and content.

Stay tuned

Studio Scale TESB Imperial Probe Droid Dispatch Pod LR223

So .. I guess, that once you’ve decided to make one .. you just have to make the other as well …. and since two Dispatch Pods were built … well …. I had to build 2.

The 223-version is very much like the 232-version .. but where 232 is based on 5 sd.kfz 232 hulls (hence the name) .. the 223-version is … (you’ve guessed it) based on 5 Tamiya 1/35 Sd.Kfz 223 upper hulls


But this one is actually a bit more “heavy” on the detailing-side ….. meaning more details .. more greeblies …. mo’ money 🙂


The rear-plate hasn’t been a 100% identified, so I went for a bit of artistic creativity here, with a heavy influence from the other guys’ builds.


At the moment, I’m working with the remaining details …. a couple of parts were misaligned, so I’m removing them again and replacing them with new part.

More pictures very soon…

Studio Scale TESB Imperial Probe Droid Dispatch Pod LR232

About 3 months ago I had somewhat of a mental block at my TIE-Bomber project. I couldn’t really progress on the project, and it kind of spread to my other modeling-related project. So I needed a booster project… and this was it! 🙂

I’d followed a couple of guys on RPF, researching and building this little gem. The Imperial Probe Droid Dispatch Pod, seen only briefly (and blurry) in the opening scene of “The Empire Strikes Back”, where the Star Destroyer Avenger, launches a bunch of space pods, and we see one of them crashing on the surface of Hoth, where a Imperial Probe Droid emerges from the debris.

This model and it’s LR223 counterpart might be some of the easiest Studio Scale projects from the Star Wars Universe. However each of them still contains parts from over 20 individual donorkits. However it turned out, that I had close to 75% of the needed parts .. so a small kit-hunt, plus some good friends, who were so kind to donate a couple of parts for me, got me started.

I started by assembling the hull, using 5 upper hulls from the Tamiya 1/35 sd.kfz 232 8-RAD


Furthermore I closed up the front, rear and turret-holes with styrene, plus added some details with more parts from the Hasegawa 1/72 Mörser Karl (5 are needed)



On the frontplate I added a roadwheel from the Tamiya 1/25 T34/85 (the SU-100 will also do) plus parts from 5 Tamiya 1/35 Flak Vierlings.

Parts were ordered from Plastruct…….


Which let to this



And then I had to wait for a package of donorparts from my friend Mark Dickson …. due to a loooong shippingtime (I actually concluded that the package was lost) the project went a bit on standby … but a couple of weeks ago I received the parts, and last weekend I finished the assembly of this project .. next step is primer …

more pics soon to come……

Big cleaning day

I see, that my blog is rather Maschinen Krieger heavy .. However, for the last year or so, my focus has moved more and more towards studio scale projects, and more and more away from Ma.K. … Not to say that studio scale is brand new to me.. I’ve been collecting info, references and donorkits for 6 or 7 years .. but I didn’t really build actively until a year ago … and more recently I started a couple of projects a couple of months ago that really did the difference for me.

So I’ve kind of decided, that I want to focus on studio scale projects and garage kits, and have a small selection of Ma.K, Anime figures and 1/350 IJN ships, to use as filler- and/or break-projects.

So I’ve looked through the piles of Ma.K. kits … and decided to sell a bunch of it, to make room (both physically and economically) for the bigger studio scale projects, and the more expensive studio scale garage kits.


So expect to see less Ma.K. and more Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica studio scale projects on this blog!

Finished: 1/20 Ma.K. Raccoon

Another Ma.K. kit finished this fall: The Raccoon

Built more or less OOB with sculpted joints, and a custom base. The suit is textured with Mr. Dissolved Putty, brushpainted with Vallejo Air and weathered with MIG Pigments

Some WIPs:

and the final result:

Finished: 1/20 Ma.K. Melusine

So I’ve finally finished a built, that has been going on for quite a while … well mostly due to lack of activity 😉

The project started as a complete resin kit from the company T.H.A.T., but since the casting quality was .. hmmm how to put it … well bullocks …. I decided to use only the resin body, and exchange the arms, legs and detail-parts with original parts from a Nitto Gustav and Heinrich kit.

This is what it looked like at the beginning:

Then I added some texturing with Mr. Dissolved Putty, and started on the primary colors:

Next step was to work on a camo-pattern

And this is where, I kinda forgot to take pictures …. so no pictures of the rest of the painting-, decals- and weathering-phase .. sorry

So lets get down to business … Here’s the end result:

Finished a Snake Eye

I’ve just finished my 1/20 Wave Snake Eye …

Not much to say, built out of the box, switched the pvc-“hoses” with Wave springs.

Textured with Mr. Dissolved Putty, brushpainted with Vallejo Air and weathered with MIG pigments

Here’s some pics: