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I must have been in Interstellar

Hmmmmmmmmm what the hay happened ….. it feels like it was only an hour ago I wrote about updating this site ….. and now …. 3.5 years passed … and still no updates. Why is this you might think (I know I do)

Well truth is .. that over the summer 2013 I landed my dream job as a LEGO Star Wars Designer .. and that kinda threw off my plans to revive this site …. and well …… 3.5 years later.


But .. I’ll give it a go again …….




I’ll do some reorganising of the categories and a bit of styling .. and then try to catch up with the projects I’ve been working on for the last couple of years ..


Stay Tuned …. (hopefully not 3.5 years this time 😀 )

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  1. You should totally update the heck outta it tho :p Show those models you finished! On here they wern’t even primered!

  2. KrokoHunter KrokoHunter

    hehe Hey Ben … yeah I totally know ….. I will try to over the coming weeks … stay tuned .. ahem ><

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