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Month: November 2011

Studio Scale TESB Imperial Probe Droid Dispatch Pod LR223

So .. I guess, that once you’ve decided to make one .. you just have to make the other as well …. and since two Dispatch Pods were built … well …. I had to build 2.

The 223-version is very much like the 232-version .. but where 232 is based on 5 sd.kfz 232 hulls (hence the name) .. the 223-version is … (you’ve guessed it) based on 5 Tamiya 1/35 Sd.Kfz 223 upper hulls


But this one is actually a bit more “heavy” on the detailing-side ….. meaning more details .. more greeblies …. mo’ money 🙂


The rear-plate hasn’t been a 100% identified, so I went for a bit of artistic creativity here, with a heavy influence from the other guys’ builds.


At the moment, I’m working with the remaining details …. a couple of parts were misaligned, so I’m removing them again and replacing them with new part.

More pictures very soon…

Studio Scale TESB Imperial Probe Droid Dispatch Pod LR232

About 3 months ago I had somewhat of a mental block at my TIE-Bomber project. I couldn’t really progress on the project, and it kind of spread to my other modeling-related project. So I needed a booster project… and this was it! 🙂

I’d followed a couple of guys on RPF, researching and building this little gem. The Imperial Probe Droid Dispatch Pod, seen only briefly (and blurry) in the opening scene of “The Empire Strikes Back”, where the Star Destroyer Avenger, launches a bunch of space pods, and we see one of them crashing on the surface of Hoth, where a Imperial Probe Droid emerges from the debris.

This model and it’s LR223 counterpart might be some of the easiest Studio Scale projects from the Star Wars Universe. However each of them still contains parts from over 20 individual donorkits. However it turned out, that I had close to 75% of the needed parts .. so a small kit-hunt, plus some good friends, who were so kind to donate a couple of parts for me, got me started.

I started by assembling the hull, using 5 upper hulls from the Tamiya 1/35 sd.kfz 232 8-RAD


Furthermore I closed up the front, rear and turret-holes with styrene, plus added some details with more parts from the Hasegawa 1/72 Mörser Karl (5 are needed)



On the frontplate I added a roadwheel from the Tamiya 1/25 T34/85 (the SU-100 will also do) plus parts from 5 Tamiya 1/35 Flak Vierlings.

Parts were ordered from Plastruct…….


Which let to this



And then I had to wait for a package of donorparts from my friend Mark Dickson …. due to a loooong shippingtime (I actually concluded that the package was lost) the project went a bit on standby … but a couple of weeks ago I received the parts, and last weekend I finished the assembly of this project .. next step is primer …

more pics soon to come……