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Todays Purchase Chapter 6

I’m so thrilled .. so excited …. so .. well high as a kite ..

Yesterday I received a new kit ….. a kit, that I’ve been wanting for years, and finally I found it, with a fair pricetag … so voila …. it is mine .. all mine .. MINE .. MINE .. MINE I SAY .. MUAHAHA …

sorry about that 😉

The kit is a 1/4 Figurine sculpted by the very famous japanese sculptor Bome. The figure portraits the character Kanu Unchou from the Manga-/Anime-series Ikkitousen.

It’s worth mentioning, that when Bome labels a kit as 1/4 .. it’s actually closer to 1/3,5 .. so I knew, that this baby would be freakin’ huge … oh boy oh boy oh boy 🙂

So here’s the parcel… It measures 30x30x15 cm

I’ve taken some pictures of the parts layout. I’ve put in an old. greasy iPhone for size comparison

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