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Studio Scale TIE-Bomber: Current status

2 months ago I finally got back to this project, when I borrowed a small lathe-setup, so I could lathe the circumventing panellines. That let to this:

After this I focused on the “centerpiece” between the two main tubes (also called the “chilidogs”). The part is scratchbuilt and detailed with parts from various 1/700 ship kits, and some 1/72 and 1/35 panzer. It goes without saying, that the parts are identical to the parts on the original filming miniature of the TIE-Bomber.

This and some smaller details end up in the current state:

Since this picture was taken, I’ve actually made new “chilidogs”, since it turned out, that the holes for the cross-tube was actually 1,5mm off center … oh bugger.

At the moment I’m awaiting certain donorkits, to be able to proceed. It has been in the mail for nearly a month now, so I fear that it is lost (not the first time that happens to me .. hmmmmpp )

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