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Todays purchase chapter 5

UPDATE 6th of March 2017: I’ve just traded this kit to another gem, that I should receive within a couple of weeks … so stay tuned 😀



Ok, ok not actually todays purchase, since I received the kit 2 weeks ago… Just been busy.

But here goes:


Biiiiig box …… and it contains only a single model 😀


Getting more and more exiting

Ok, I’ll better show you the content of the box:


The sodacan wasn’t included 😀

I just put it there, to give you all an idea of the size of this kit


And voila …. a 1/12 Colonial Viper from the original Battlestar Galactica.

As you can see, my daughter was pretty exited about this kit, and she wanted to help me built it right away … Patince, my young Paddawan, patience 😀

I’m really thrilled about this kit, beautifully mastered and casted by Mike Salzo … and the shear size of the kit is mindboggling.

I hope to get started on the kit during the winter-period

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  1. Hello there!

    Wow… that looks like a FANTASTIC kit! By chance, do you have any contact info for Mike Salzo? I’m hoping to track him down and see if he might be commissioned for a Colonial Viper, only about half the size of yours. Trying to convert an old X-Wing Fighter toy into a Viper for the vintage Mattel figure line.

    Any pointers you might have would be great. Thanks!

    (And, obviously looking forward to seeing this kit complete. Looks amazing!)

    aka Iron-Cow

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