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Close to the end … in a good way, I hope!

I’m getting close to the finishline with my Kröte, but it hasn’t been withouth tears.

I think I’ve broken just about every single possible part on the Kröte .. Even the legs … How fumbly can one guy be. 😀

But I got the legs repaired. However they’ve been glued in a position, which makes the model a bit “back-heavy”, and I fear that will result in another broken leg with time, so at the moment I’m considering either making a base, that tip the model a bit forward, or attack the glued knee-joints with a saw, to fix the posture.

Oh well .. enough whinning … let’s see some pics, of the kit prior to weathering.






I hope the next Kröte-post will be a “It’s finished” and not a “Oh well, I ended up smashing it against the wall” post 😀

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